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Most of us don’t realize how essential street lighting is. We depend on it without knowing it – until you find yourself fumbling for your keys in a dark parking lot, or calling in a service request for street light outages. That’s why city ordinances are put in place to mandate proper municipal street lighting and ensure public safety. The style of a street light is also typically overlooked by the average person. Commercial street lights are available in a variety of finishes, heights, light fixture wattages, and designs – from the practical, functional modern street lights to decorative street lights that line the roads of large city blocks or gated communities.

Types of Municipal Street Lighting

  • Municipal Street Lights
  • Municipal Solar Street Lights
  • Municipal Light Plant
  • LED Street Lights
  • Decorative Street Lights

Turnkey Solutions

LightMart is the premiere choice in street light manufacturers. For long lasting LED lights, handcrafted light fixtures, and customizable light pole kits, visit our website to view our popular products online. Call us today for help with any commercial lighting supply needs!

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Lighting Solutions of All Sizes

Local community goverments have specific guidelines for dark-sky lighting at warehouses and industrial complexes.

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Tools that allow you to create the ideal lighting design. At LightMart, our Technical Design team is ready to assist you during every stage of your lighting project. Our website will give you access to our extensive IES library and calculators, allowing you to create the perfect solution.

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It’s important to find the right lighting supplier: a reliable company that makes quality products specific to each environment and commercial need. LightMart does just that! We create energy efficient LED lighting fixtures, high quality steel, aluminum, and fiberglass light poles, and we design and manufacture our inventory in-house. Trust our professionals to offer the best lighting solutions through our product knowledge, high grade materials, and our commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Best Type of Lights for Street Lighting?

There are dozens of options to choose from when it comes to lighting types and temperatures.While there are many styles of lighting still standing since the early 1900s, such as incandescent lights and fluorescent lighting, more modern lighting designs are taking their place. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights, for example, are popular bulbs often found in street lights, even today. 

However, one of the most common light bulbs installed today is LED lights, as they are low maintenance, energy efficient, produce little to no heat, and they have a longer lifespan. As for the light temperature, warm white lighting is recommended for street lights, as it is easier on the eyes and decreases the risk of distraction, especially for drivers on the road. 

We recommend installing high performance light fixtures on street lights, such as LightMart’s HPUSA series or our Commercial Area Medium light fixtures for specification grade products that meet your specific commercialized needs. 

Why is Public Lighting Important?

Proper municipal lighting and commercial lighting is important for functioning in the dark and ensuring the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers at night. That’s why municipal street lights and commercial street lights are installed, with city lighting suggestions such as installing breakaway poles or transformer bases, which quickly break away or yield to a vehicle when contact is made with the pole. 

It’s also essential to install light poles that are the right height – 12-15 ft. tall – and distance apart to ensure sufficient brightness while avoiding too much lighting, which can lead to light pollution.  

How Often Do Cities Service Street Lights?

This depends on the city lighting products used. On average, a street light has a lifespan of four to six years, however, LED light bulbs can last anywhere from 10-12 years. In terms of frequency and who handles light replacements, the responsibility typically falls on behalf of the community or city residents who can call their local city council or their village town hall if there is a light post outage. 

What Kind of Municipal Regulations Exist for City LED Lights? 

Municipal ordinances on LED street lights differ from city to city, or state to state. Particular states like South Carolina require street light poles to be placed an approximate distance from the road to help prevent vehicular accidents – in which case a taller light pole may be recommended, along with an 8 or 10 foot arm mounted to the pole.  

Outdoor lighting regulations and suggestions can also be specific to a heavily populated city in order to comply with local lighting ordinances, environmental associations, and lighting association guidelines, such as The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)

Are LED Lights Environmentally Friendly?

Yes! LED bulbs are an optimal LED lighting solution that produce less heat, energy, and carbon dioxide emissions. Additionally, lighting control enables timers to automatically turn street lights on and off during dawn and dusk – saving on energy and cost. 

Another example of this is municipal LED solar lighting, which gets its power from renewable energy resources – using solar panels and recycling energy from the sun.

Our Lighting Experts are here 24x7 to answer your questions.
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Custom CAD Drawings was established in 1998 by lighting manufacturer Energy Light, Inc. before any online lighting distributors existed. Since its inception, our goal has been to make life easier for lighting professionals by delivering quality products at great savings. We strive to be your one-stop source for light poles and commercial lighting and provide turnkey solutions such as our parking lot and decorative light pole kits, and power bar sports light packages. With a complete selection of commercial lighting products ranging from light poles and LED fixtures to tenon adapters and light pole kits, we make every effort to serve you better than anyone every day.

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